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Robert Burns Bikes-for-Books Program

The Grand Lodge supports a program called Bikes-for-Books, in which a lodge and local elementary school work together with a bike retailer (sometimes a specialist, sometimes a local big-box store) to help inspire kids to read.  Essentially, for each book a child reads (subject to some restrictions), his or her name will be put into a hat, and at the end of a given time period (year, semester, etc.) one girl's and one boy's bike, with helmet and lock, will be awarded to young readers.  The program is spearheaded by WB Steve Wandel, and he can be reached here.

31 March, 2011:  Congratulations to Enrique Castaneda and Kristina Kaptsiuh of Odyssey Elementary and Jontay Giles and another winner of Discovery Elementary!


25 March, 2011:  Congratulations to Michelle Poza and Dmitriy Fedorchenko, our winners from Olivia Park Elementary for Winter, 2011


29 March, 2011:  The presentations for the end of Winter Quarter are: Odyssey Elementary: 9AM Thursday, 31 March; Discovery Elementary: 1030AM Friday, 1 April

17 March, 2011: It has been announced that the presentations for Winter 2011 will be on 25 March. 

15 December, 2010: We completed our presentations for the Fall 2010 quarter.  Congratulations to Jace Keith and Leslie Ortiz of Discovery Elementary, McKenzie Furness and Ignacio Garcia of Olivia Park Elementary and Giahon Vo and Dayivon Jacobs of Odyssey Elementary.

Jace Keith and Leslie Ortiz   McKenzie Furness and Ignzcio Garcia  Giahon Vo and Dayivon Jacobs

7 September, 2010: This evening, the Lodge voted to expand the  Bikes-for-Books program to Odyssey Elementary in the Mukilteo School District.  We welcome them into the our family, and look forward to our first presentation.

11 June, 2010: We did presented the final bikes for the school year.  The winners for this round were Alma Chavez and Cesar Torres at Olivia Park, and Sage Vincent and Derek Routsala of Discovery Elementary.  Congratulations!



17 May, 2010: Today it was announced that the next B-4-B presentations will be 11 June.  Our first presentation to Olivia Park will be at 9:30, followed by Discovery Elementary at 10:30.

14 March, 2010: WB Steve Wandel today brought two bikes to Olivia Park Elementary, to inspire the students for a presentation at the end of the current quarter, most likely in June.  We are very excited to spread our program to another school.

26 March, 2010:  Today we presented bicycles to two students at Discovery Elementary, Haley Anderson and Nathan Wallin.  Congratulations!  Our next presentation at Discovery should be in June.

Bikes-for-Books winners Haley Anderson and Nathan Wallin

25 March, 2010:  The next bicycle presentation is scheduled for 11:00AM this Friday.

5 Jan, 2010:  WB Steve Wandel moved, and it was seconded and passed, that we expand the Bikes-for-Books program to another school in the Mukilteo School District, Olivia Park Elementary.  After the very positive response we have gotten at Discovery Elementary and the support from B.I.K.E.S. of Snohomish County, we felt that we were able and wanted to extend the program.  WB Steve will meet with the Principal of Olivia Park to present the program.  The Principal of Discovery has said she will facilitate the meeting.  Hopefully the first presentation will be in June of 2010.  We are all very proud to approve this extension of a worthy program.

15 December, 2009:  The Discovery Elementary bicycle winners were Kristina Sapozhnikova, and David Kolimiyets.  Five brothers attended the presentation.  [Submitted by Bro. Les Reed]

28 November, 2009:  WB Steve Wandel received an e-mail from Debby Grant, president of B.I.K.E.S. Club of Snohomish County that we have received a grant of $1,000 from them for our Bikes-for-books program.  We are very thankful that they have seen fit to encourage our program's efforts to put bikes, helmets, and locks in the hands of deserving schoolchildren while simultaneously encouraging reading.

19 June, 2009:  Bro. Les Reed sent the following picture of our most recent B-for-B winners, Ariannah Reed (no relation to Bro. Les) and Ben McKenna.  Congratulations to our latest winners!

Ariannah Reed and Ben McKenna, winners of the B-for-B

3 April, 2009:  The Robert Burns Bikes-for-Books presentations were made at Discovery Elementary School by WB Bob Wallinger and Bro. John Freisen.  At the school assembly called especially for the presentations, the names of the winners were drawn from a box by WB Wallinger and Bro. Freisen.  The recipients, Calista Newman and Dylan Shaw were very appreciative of the new bikes.  (Both students were from Room 20.)  Mr. Shawn Ryan, Dean of Discovery, thanked Robert Burns for our participation and assured the brethren that the program is very well received by the faculty, students and parents.  He expressed his hope we would continue with the program, as it is having a positive effect on reading and the students participating.  [Submitted by VWB Bob Nygren]

3 February, 2009:  At this evening's meeting, WB Steve Wandel announced that the bikes had been given out at an assembly at Discovery Elementary in January, following some snow delays.  The girl's bike winner was Zalnab Alabadi, 1st grader.  The winner of the boy's bike was Bryson Upton, 2nd grader.  Congratulations!  We look forward to another assembly in March.

19 November, 2008: It has been announced that the next assembly for us to give out a bike is to be the 19th of December at 1:30 at Discovery Elementary.  If you can come, please do.

18 June, 2008: Robert Burns presented our second set of bicycles to two deserving students from Discovery Elementary.  Breanna LeGary, 5th grade, and Yannick Bouah, 3rd grade, won the girl's and boy's bikes, respectively.  They were each presented with a lock and helmet, as well.  At the assembly, held on the last day of the school year, it was also announced that in the future after winning their first bike, students will be eligible to win a $25 gift certificate for a book store if their name is drawn in a subsequent event.

5 June, 2008: Worshipful Master Steve Wandel announced at the stated meeting on the 3rd of June that the next bicycle presentation will be on 18 June, most likely at 1030AM at Discovery Elementary School.  More details and clarification will be forthcoming.

4 April, 2008: Today our first two bicycles were presented, to Nhi Vnong (1st grade) and Alex Thien (4th grade) of the Discovery Elementary School.  They each were presented with a bicycle in turn for their having been selected at random from a group of readers at their school.  We are very proud of these young students, and wish them a great deal of future success.

Our First Winers:

Alex Thien (l) and Nhi Vnong (r) of Discovery Elementary School  


4 March, 2008: At the stated meeting this evening, WB Steve Wandel announced that he had purchased bikes for the presentation, which is to be on 4 April at 9:15 AM at the school.  All are encouraged to attend.  Attire will be announced.  The bikes were purchased at Wal-Mart with money from the Scholarship Fund.  WB Steve also announced that he is going to apply for a $500 grant from Wal-Mart to cover some of our future expenses, as they will not supply discounted bikes for the program.

Unfortunately, the second bike shop we contacted has been unresponsive, as well.  WB Steve has made the decision that we need to go and buy bikes in order to keep the program moving ahead, so the last week of January or the first week in February we will go and buy bikes from a local big-box store.  In better news, we may have found a partner in Snohomish County Fire District Number One, which will most likely provide and fit helmets for the children.

In January of 2008, WB Steve Wandel met with the principal of Discovery Elementary School in the Mukilteo School District to begin Robert Burns #243's foray into the Bikes-for-Books program.  We also have contacted bike shops to provide the prizes; the first one showed insufficient interest, so we are moving on to another.  If we come to an agreement, a link will be posted here.  Currently it is likely that the program will involve the 5th and 6th graders from Discovery.  We expect to make our first presentation in mid-March, when their Winter Trimester ends.