Please contact us if you have any questions:

WM John Hart  SW Bob Nygren JW Brent Wandel 
Worshipful Master
WB John Hart
Senior Warden
VWB Bob Nygren
Junior Warden
Bro. Brent Wandel

Treasurer: WB Robert Wallinger

Secretary: WB Matthew Appel

Senior Deacon: WB Scott Wallinger

Junior Deacon: VWB Steve Wandel

Chaplain: Bro. Jack Harris

Marshal: VWB Norm Watts

Senior Steward: Bro. Jason Rivers

Tyler: WB Jim Moran

Webmaster: WB Matthew Appel

Officers of RB243 

Committee Chairmen:

Sunshine Committee:

VWB Steve Wandel

Scholarship Committee:

Bro. Brent Wandel

Bikes-for-Books Committee: WB Matt Appel

Please contact our sunshine committee with any information you may have about the status of a brother who may be in need, or having a celebration. 

We can also be reached by snail mail at P. O. Box 2001 Alderwood Station, WA, 98036