Robert Burns Lodge Happenings 2013

On this page, your humble webmaster will attempt to relate what has most recently happened in our Lodge.  Mostly these will be items from recent meetings, but occasionally other items will appear here.  The webmaster hopes these notes will help to keep the Brethren current on happenings in the Lodge, and entice them to come to the next event.  If you are interested in what went on at past meetings, check out our Happenings 2011 or Happenings 2012.

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16 April:  Your humble webmaster apologizes for not keeping up this page.  Hopefully things will improve in the near future.  Tonight, we had two visitors at our initiation of Bro. Michael Draper.  Bro. Bill Ferguson had his best conferral yet, and WB John Hart was his usual excellent self as SD.  Bro. Josh Hamlin also had an excellent presentation of the lecture.  Our Lodge has a great deal to be proud of.

25 February:  WB Bob Wallinger hosted the Finance Committee this evening.  The main topic discussed was how to invest the building fund to suit the Lodge's future needs.  We also discussed remedies to the immediate cash flow problems the Lodge faces.

10 February:  This evening, the Lodge was no help to the Everett Silvertips, who lost 3-2 to the Kelowna Rockets on our Lodge Hockey Night.

8 February:  Today WB Jim Larson and Bro. Les Reed visited Bro. Bob Curtis at Manorcare for about an hour.  They reported he was in good spirits.

5 February:  This evening, 19 Brothers attended our stated meeting, including WB Chris Haynes of Ashler #121, who was our only visitor.  After the usual minutes & bill readings, we voted on the petition of Mr. Alex Boras, which was read at our January stated meeting.  The date for his initiation was set for 5 March, with a practice on 19 February.  The WM also decided that the officer meeting scheduled for the 26th will be cancelled, and held on the 19th, as well.

Under new business, the Lodge voted to move some money equal to our year's rent from the building fund into the general fund to cover a cash shortage.  The WM also ordered the secretary to pay the budgeted money for the District 2 youth night to Shoreline Lodge. 

 The WM lauded the Brothers who have been stepping up for dinners at meetings, including WB Bob Wallinger, who made tonight's excellent meal.  WB Scott Wallinger has volunteered for the next meal.  The WM then asked if there were any volunteers to step up for the brief Masonic Education pieces he has been doing, and several brothers said they were interested.

The WM said that we are going to try to support our youth groups more, and proposed a visit to T. H. Little on 27 Feb.  WB Chris Haynes also announced that Asher #121 will be conducting a Second Degree on 28 February, and invited us there.

There was a brief discussion of the District 2 Youth Night, being held at Shoreline Lodge on the day of our May stated meeting.  It is the intent of the WM to open Lodge and close as quickly as possible, in order to visit the youth night en masse.

The WM directed the Finance Committee, under the direction of WB Bob Wallinger, our Treasurer, to meet, to discuss the use of our Life Membership funds and the investment of the Building Fund.

Finally, before closing the WM presented a brief Masonic Education tidbit on the Ancient Landmarks of Masonry.

29 January: Officer meeting was held.

25 January:  Tonight the Lodge held a dinner for our friends and family.  Although it was lightly attended, it was a fun affair.

15 January:  Stated meeting was held.

6 January:  Today the Lodge learned of the loss of WB John Friesen.  There is currently no memorial planned in Washington.  We are saddened by this loss, and pray for Molly and his family.

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