Robert Burns Lodge Happenings 2014

On this page, your humble webmaster will attempt to relate what has most recently happened in our Lodge.  Mostly these will be items from recent meetings, but occasionally other items will appear here.  The webmaster hopes these notes will help to keep the Brethren current on happenings in the Lodge, and entice them to come to the next event.  If you are interested in what went on at past meetings, check out our Happenings 2012 or Happenings 2013.

4 March            
21 October            


4 March:  18 Brothers were present for this evenings meeting, including the visiting WM of Edmonds #165 and WB David Burn of Yancy C. Blalock #265.  The meeting began with the usual paying of the bills, including the phone bill, rent, and money for the purchase of the next set of six bikes for the B4B program.  The WM directed Bro. Omar to look into a free phone service, so we could avoid future phone bills. 

The WM reported on Ladies' Night, held on 22 February.  12 were in attendance.  In the future, we hope to attend an Aquasox game in Everett with the Everett Scottish Rite, on 25 July, and have a table Lodge in November.  He also directed the JW to form a visitation schedule for the upcoming year.  18 March is the deadline for the next Trestleboard. 

21 October:  Your Webmaster has been most remiss in the performance of his duties. That will hopefully be rectified posthaste.

This evenings officer meeting had seven in attendance: the WM, JW, Secretary, Treasurer, JD, Marshal, and WB Jim Hamlin. It was followed by the book club meeting, for which three stayed. The main topic of conversation at the officer meeting was the coming year or two, and who can fill the officer line. It was decided (notably without the SW present to give his opinion) that we would follow a 3 pronged approach to attempt to solve our current manpower problem. First, a talk with the SW about his plan, as if he has gotten it all figured out without the other officers, then we don't need to fret about the entire issue. Second, we will contact our members for their assistance. Specifically, contacting the membership as a whole with a special trestleboard/letter informing them of the problems and asking for their help, then by following up with Brothers who are nearby, and inviting them to the meeting personally. Third, we will begin to try harder to make ties with other local Lodges, and to analyze the possibilities for a merge in the future.

Also this evening, the book club met and decided to read A Pilgrim's Path by John R. Robinson. It will be discussed at the next book club, after the November officer meeting, on the 19th of November.

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