Join Robert Burns

Our Lodge and our Fraternity in general are always looking for good, upstanding men whom are involved in their community to become Brothers.  Although convention prohibits Masons from recruiting other men directly, as is explained in the link on our home page, we are willing and able to talk about what it takes to join, and what the process is.

In general, one must be a man of good character who believes in a Supreme Being and who has reached his majority to join.  Membership is not restricted by race, religion, or other such factors beyond the character of the applicant.

The process is relatively simple.  First, find your nearest Mason and ask him about the Fraternity.  We can hopefully be identified by our fair dealings and good character.  If this is not sufficient, the presence of a ring or car emblems are frequent give-aways.  If you wish, you can contact the current Master of Robert Burns.  Next, the applicant would complete a petition and present it to a member of the Lodge with the applicable fee (in the case of Robert Burns #243, $250).  The petition includes the names of 3 other men who can attest to the character of the applicant.

This petition would then be read in Lodge, and voted on by the Brethren.  An investigating committee (a group of 3 Brothers) would then be appointed to visit the applicant, and he would be asked questions regarding his eligibility and understanding of Masonry.  This is not as scary as it may sound, but is important in that it acts as the eyes of the Lodge when interviewing a man many Brothers have probably not met.  Just as importantly, it is an opportunity for the applicant to ask questions of Brothers who are current in their knowledge of what is going on in the Lodge, and can answer his questions about what it means to be a Mason generally and a member of Robert Burns specifically with some authority.  The Lodge would then receive the report of this committee, and vote again on the petition.  Assuming the petition is granted, the applicant is then contacted to arrange a date for Initiation in to the Degrees of Masonry.

There are also several excellent resources for those interested in joining Masonry, I encourage people to view our links page.

Interested in joining the Fraternity?  Please download our word file petition.