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Robert Burns #243

Cloyse & Rosie Clayton Scholarship Program

1 June, 2010: Junior Warden Mark Goldberg announced at this evening's meeting that Ms. Christina Sutton, daughter of WB John Sutton, has been selected by the committee for this year's scholarship.  She will receive $1000 for her education.  Congratulations!

31 March, 2009:  The Scholarship Application is now available on this site.  Please forward the link to anyone you know who may be eligible for the scholarship, as set out below.  If you have any questions, please contact the Junior Warden.  Please note that applications are due to RB243 by 1 May.

6 January, 2009:  This evening the Lodge officially adopted the rules set forth below for the governance of the Scholarship Program.  Please note they have been edited since originally put on this page.  The Junior Warden and Bro. Jack Harris have been appointed to the committee.  If you wish to be a part of this process, please contact the Junior Warden.

8 December, 2008:  The Junior Warden for 2008, Jim G. Hamlin, announced at the stated meeting on 2 December that we will hopefully be voting on changes to the scholarship program at the meeting on 6 January.  If you have any input or wish to know more about our program, please contact the current Junior Warden.  As they stand on 14 December, 2008, the proposed new rules are:

1.  There will be formed a Scholarship Committee (the "Committee") consisting of at least 3 Brothers of Robert Burns including the Junior Warden (who will act as Chairman) and two other Brothers to be designated by the Worshipful Master.  If the child of any of the Brothers on the Committee applies for a Scholarship, that Brother is ineligible to serve on the Committee that year, and be replaced by a Brother designated by the Worshipful Master.  If the Junior Warden is thus ineligible, the Senior Deacon shall act as Chairman.

2.  It will be at discretion of the Committee to give one $1000 or two $500 Scholarships each year.  The applications must be submitted by 1 May, and the awards announced by the June stated meeting of each year.  If there are no applicants, or no applicants considered worthy by the Committee, they may opt to give no scholarship in any given year.  In this event, the money from the Scholarship Fund will be reinvested for future use.  The Scholarship will be paid directly to the school the student shall attend, not to the student.

3.  The Committee will generate an application for the Scholarship, and determine exactly the criteria to be used to determine the winner(s).  These criteria may include, but are not limited to, community service, academic achievement, participation in Masonic youth groups, other Masonic/Robert Burns 243 relationships, financial need, etc.  The Committee will also determine the method of choosing a winner (majority ballot, consensus, etc.).  This application, criteria, and method will be submitted to the Worshipful Master for review before any winner is determined for the first scholarship after this document is adopted.  Once approved for the first Scholarship, they may be changed by the Committee with the consent of the Master.

4.  The pool of applicants will be limited to students who meet all of the criteria a-c below:

    a.  Members of chapters of Masonic youth groups (DeMolay, IOJD, or Rainbow) located in Districts 2 or 8 for the MW Grand Lodge F&AM of WA as of the application deadline.  Also, children of members or widows of Robert Burns #243 are eligible regardless of their membership in these youth groups

    b.  Seniors in High School as of the application deadline.

    c.  Students accepted to an accredited two- or four-year academic institution or an accredited vocational or technical school.  Applicants are required to submit a letter of acceptance with their applications.

5.  The money currently designated to be in the "Scholarship Fund", which includes the CD and checking account so designated, will only be used for this scholarship program, or for the Bikes-for-Books program (which shall be restricted to purchasing bicycles, helmets, and locks).  Any other use of these funds must be approved by a majority vote of the members of Robert Burns present at a stated meeting and the consent of the Master. 

6.  Once adopted and entered into the minutes of Robert Burns #243, this document may be altered by a majority vote of the members of Robert Burns present at a stated meeting and the consent of the Master.