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ROBERT BURNS Trestleboard, December 2006






   I have great expectations regarding this upcoming year.  I am very pleased that we are once again having a meal before our Lodge meetings and fellowship after.  I am also very pleased to have great Brothers in committees watching over Finance, Activities, Ceremonies, and Sunshine.  There are many great Brothers who wish to put the fun back into the Lodge activities, and I support them 100 per cent.

   I want to thank all who participate and I look forward to a fantastic year, but...

   The obligations to our lodge don't stop there.  We have some tough decisions to make.  Important decisions regarding the creation of a new Masonic facility with two or three other lodges, or not.  There is a great need for Brothers to be involved.  A need for the Lodge as a whole to be involved with the making of a facility that could be around for the next generation of Masons, and taking that risk, or the decision to work on a different avenue.  When I look at the required amount of time and energy it will take to make proper logical steps toward making this happen, I realize it is not fair to expect the same dozen Brothers to make all the meetings and decisions, then get ridiculed for those decisions.  It is up to you.  If you would like to be involved with this process, let me know.  I am looking for all kinds of personality types for different committees dealing with money, design, desires, etc.  It is up to you.  If there is interest in the way the lodge runs, ideas you might have, make sure you don't miss the Lodge Officer Meetings.  It is your Lodge.  Be involved, and be well my Brothers.



John Sutton




   The season is upon us and no word conjures up fond memories and warm feelings more than the mere mention of the word �Christmas�.  As children, we counted the days until Christmas Eve arrived.  As adults, we enjoyed Christmas through the eyes of our children.  And as we grew older, we saw Christmas through watching the excitement of our children interacting with our grandchildren.

   As a grandparent, I enjoy giving gifts more than receiving them. Don�t get me wrong, I like getting presents too, but there is nothing more rewarding then seeing the gleam and excitement in the faces of my children and grandchildren.

   This is truly a magical time of the year. But let us not forget that this is also a time to remember the less fortunate that have little to celebrate. Give to the food banks in your area or make a donation of a toy to the Toys For Tots.  Do something to make a difference for a needy family this Christmas season. We all can make a difference; 'tis the Season of miracles.

   I wish you all a "merry Christmas" and a "joyous New Year"�  God bless each of you and yours�



Steven Wandel

Senior Warden



Poor, Dumb, and Blind

By John Hart


What does it mean to be PD&B?

I can have the means to purchase all my hearts desire.

I can educate myself in all the liberal sciences.

I can open my eyes to all the progress ways.


What does it profit me?


Poor; means you cannot buy the lessons taught in Masonry, they are given free to those who seek.


Dumb; means you to realize what you �know� can change, and is ever changing as new information presents itself.


Blind; means that �seeing� is relative to your position, if you change your viewpoint the whole world may look different.


A Poor, Dumb, Blind man humbles himself before the Great Architect and embraces the knowledge that he is privileged to receive.



John Hart

Junior Warden


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