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ROBERT BURNS #243 Trestleboard, May 2007






   Please join us as we go into some fantastic degree work. Keep your eyes on this Trestleboard that Brother Matt does so well. I am still trying to get over our resent loss of Brother Hamlin. I guess it just makes me not take the short time we have, for granted. All I can say is don't sweat the small stuff and enjoy your Fraternal Friendships while they are available. There is a lot happening so make your selection of activities, don't let the fun ones go by. I am sorry about the long meetings with so much business. I realize that is what we do but it isn't the fun part.

   I feel the need for a family activity, or a dinner out with the girls. I will work on that and keep you posted.

   On the 29th of this month our SW, Brother Steve, with confer the 2nd Degree. We will be adding a second candidate from Ashler Lodge, so please come and show the great support you are capable of to our new Fellowcraft Masons.

   Meet, act, and part my Brothers.



John Sutton

Worshipful Master





   This month is a busy one with lots to do. I hope all are well and able to join us for the following events.

   May 15 @ 7:00pm we will be doing an Entered Apprentice Degree for Josh Hamlin and I hope we can have a great turnout in honor of Jim L. "Jim Senior" Hamlin  who left this world for the Celestial Lodge above before we could confer this honor on his grandson. Please plan on attending.

   We will be manning the Smokey Point Rest Stop on the 25th into the 26th (2100 to 0400), which is the Memorial Day Weekend.  And on behalf of the SLOC thank you in advance to all that have volunteered to serve the motoring public into the wee hours of the morning and make a few dollars for the SLOC. May the doughnuts be fresh and the coffee hot!

   May 29th @ 7:00pm we are planning to do a Fellowcraft Degree for Bill Ferguson should he be willing and able (No pressure Bill, but I am confident that you�ll be ready).

   Last of all, I would like to say that it was a pleasure and a honor to have known James L. Hamlin and he will surely be missed by all us at Robert Burns as well as the rest of the Masonic family. Jim, my head's down and I am following through; we�ll play again soon my friend.



Steven Wandel

Senior Warden





When.....................Last Friday of each month
Where....................'Oasis' at the Nile
Time......................11:30 'Til ?

Bring a guest and enjoy.

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