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ROBERT BURNS Trestleboard, February 2007






   A good friend told me something his "Dad used to say".

   "You never have enough friends".

   Something to think about as we "Walk the Talk".

   I have met "Many a friend" in my short time as a Freemason and I credit this to the nature of the Fraternity.

   To do anything other than uphold the Honor and Integrity of the Fraternity is to bring dishonor to everyone involved with the Craft.

   What is a Friend? How about someone who helps you to be on the correct path and whispers Good council in your ear.

   Throughout life, many questionable opportunities become available to each and every one of us. Even with the best intentions being portrayed, it is important to remember the appearance and/or implications of your actions. We must stay focused on what is best for all, and not always for the one.

   Speaking of fund raisers, to broaden our community oriented horizons, I am going to allow a guest speaker into our Lodgeroom to tell us about a charity dear to her heart. Don't worry, only about ten minutes because we have a lot of business to tend to at our next stated.

   I am very pleased with the support and input I am receiving from the Brethren. Although, it would mean a great deal to me if more Brethren could attend visitations with Brother Steve Wandel and I. We have some fun ones coming up and I will try to keep you informed.  For instance, a first degree at Everett Lodge #137 on Feb. 26 at 7:30 at the EMC; also Dunbar in March. We would love to have you come along.

   I have a hand full of 2007 District Calendars for sale at $3 and I will have them at our next stated.

   Please be aware that we will be voting on our newest candidate at our next meeting and I know of another petition, so put on your Degree Hats because we're going in.

   I truly wish everyone the best and I look forward to seeing you soon.



WB John Sutton

Worshipful Master






   Our last meeting Feb. 6th was the official visit of our Grand Master MWB Charles W. McQuery and his message was to remind us of his theme for the year, that we should �Walk the Talk�. As the MW talked it reminded me of a story that I read awhile back titled �The Silent Word� where Saint Francis of Assisi said to a younger Friar �Brother, let us go down into town to preach.� So they went down the streets and through the marketplace, and when they had walked several miles, Saint Francis turned back, retraced his steps, and once again entered the Monastery.  �But Father� asked the young monk, �when shall we begin to preach?� �We have been preaching� was the reply.  �As we walked, we were observed; our manner, our behavior, what we stand for.  We have been preaching!�

   Brothers, we are advertising our values as Masons through our journey in life, whether it be in the marketplace, our businesses, or a Masonic Hall.  That�s why it is important that we put on a friendly smile, extend a hand in friendship, and in fellowship. Remember My Brothers that a cheerful greeting to open or end our meeting is just as important as the ritual work. Our actions and deeds speak volumes and defines who we are as Masons.

   I think that this illustrates for me the message that MWB Charles W. McQuery is conveying when he says that we should all �Walk the Talk�.



Steven Wandel

Senior Warden





Hello Brethren, greetings from the South. I just do not know where the time goes; the twenty-four inch gauge needs a few more divisions. WM John Sutton and I have thrown around the idea of hosting a dinner to honor the members of DeMolay; we welcome any suggestion on the date.



John Hart

Junior Warden



From the Editor:




After the Worshipful Master and Senior Warden had submitted their articles, we were invited to visit our sister lodge, Dunbar #118, AF&AM of BC & Yukon, on the 15th of March, for a first degree, which will be attended by their Junior Grand Warden.  All are encouraged to attend this meeting, which promises to be an outstanding opportunity for us to learn more about and connect more with our neighbors to the North.



Matt Appel




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