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ROBERT BURNS Trestleboard, January 2007






   The first thing I would like to do is thank all the Brothers who have taken positions as committeemen for the betterment of our Lodge.  These Brothers do this for everyone's benefit, and should reap the sincere gratitude of all.  It is very exciting that we have the ability and determination to keep the momentum of our Lodge.

   I am still in the market for interested Brothers for committees regarding scholarship and education.  Please let me know if you would like to work on these issues or others.

   Speaking of great supporters of our Fraternity, don't miss our next stated meeting on February 6th; our Most Worshipful Grand Master Charles W. McQuery will be visiting us.  Dinner will be served at 6:30 PM, with the opening gavel at 7:30.

   I look forward to seeing each one of you.



WB John Sutton

Worshipful Master





   I find that time is just flying by.  I hope that everyone had a very joyous holiday season and didn�t overdo it with the New Years resolutions.  Welcome to 2007.  We have a very busy schedule planned for this year.  First of all we�re back to having dinner before our stated meetings and if you haven�t made the last two meetings, you missed some great meals.  Larry Thomas and Bob Wallinger are doing an outstanding job with very crude quarters.  I guarantee that you would be glad you showed up for dinner at our next stated meeting.  So come and join us for dinner before the next meeting (Feb 6).

   We continue to work on the possibility of a new Lodge for Robert Burns and I hope to have more good news by the next meeting.  I think we�re still on course for taking a big step forward by the end of January.

   Hey you Golfers!  Ed Kellison and I are working on putting together a golf day with Dunbar, B.C. sometime in the Spring. If this is something that interests you please get a hold of Ed or I and let us know.  There are also plans in the works for a fishing trip and more.  If you have an idea for an event or activity, then contact Ed and let him know.  We all want this year to be fun for everyone.  So hang on Brothers, this year is going to fun.

   Last of all, Our February meeting is the official visit of the Grand Master and it would be great to see the lodge room filled.  And if you didn�t notice, the lodge room has been just painted and is looking pretty good.

   Be well my Brothers and I�ll see you in lodge.



Steven Wandel

Senior Warden



From the Editor:


   I cannot overstate my desire to have the Brothers reading this on paper switch to electronic means of reading this trestleboard.  Although I realize not every Brother has internet access, I encourage everyone who does and does not currently receive the trestleboard electronically to please e-mail me at webmaster@robertburns243.org so you can switch to that method.  This saves trees, postage costs for the lodge, and perhaps most importantly (to some, anyway) the sanity of the editor and his family, who are regularly conscripted to help fold, apply labels, etc. 

   There continue to be changes at the Robert Burns website, robertburns243.org.  A section has been added for current lodge happenings, so our brothers may stay in touch with what is going on if they cannot make a meeting.  The webmaster tries to get reports from the various committees (finance, South Snohomish Temple, officer meetings, etc.) whether or not he attends them, and posts the results.  All are encouraged to check the "Lodge Happenings" tab frequently to see what is going on in your lodge, and the "Upcoming Events" tab is (usually) the best place to find out about what is on the lodge's schedule.



Matthew Appel

Junior Deacon



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Bring a guest and enjoy.

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