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Worshipful Master                                                                                            Secretary

WB John Sutton,                                WB James Larson,


ROBERT BURNS #243 Trestleboard, June 2007





   Summer is upon us and Darkness nears. I want to thank all of you that filled out the survey form that I passed out asking what you want to see, do, and how the Lodge should act next year. For those of you that did not have the opportunity to fill out the survey, Matt will have one posted on our website shortly, I hope. Take a minute and fill one out. I would like to be able to put together a calendar that has events that includes ideas from all of the members of Robert Burns... Thanks�

   I would still like to put together a Salmon fishing trip this July and I�ll be making calls as soon as you have things firmed up. There was some interest in a camping trip as well and I�ll have a few ideas on that as well.

   Last of all, Ed Kellison has worked hard to put together the Aug 11th golf challenge with our brothers from the North (Dunbar Lodge #118). Yes, I will be playing golf by then and if I can play then so can you; give Ed a call and let him know that you want to play as well.

   Have a great summer my Brothers and I�ll meet you on the level  in September.



Steven Wandel

Senior Warden





When.....................Last Friday of each month
Where....................'Oasis' at the Nile
Time......................11:30 'Til ?

Bring a guest and enjoy.

Sunshine Committee

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