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ROBERT BURNS Trestleboard, March 2007





   VW Brother Bob Nygren and I had a nice visit up to Dunbar Lodge. We had a great time watching them put on a First Degree, �Canadian Style�.  We also got a chance to talk about upcoming events and enjoy their hospitality and fellowship.  Our Brethren at Dunbar are as excited as we are about renewing our communication and activity pipeline. This summer should gift us with some great activities. Stay tuned for more fun with Dunbar and don�t be the one who says �I missed out again�.

   We have a lot of Degree Work coming up. Starting on our next stated meeting, we will have a First Degree for our new Candidate.  The Brethren need your presence and support so please be there.

   Let me ask you this: what really frustrates you when driving your car?  I asked myself that question the other day in heavy traffic.  I was able to sum it up in one quick sentence.  It�s the lack of consideration from �the other guy�.  Taking a large breath of air, I reminded myself how it has to be �shown� somewhere.  So I started being a little extra courteous, a little extra nice.  Not holding up traffic, but smoothing it out.  I think we all are guilty of being selective about who we let in.  Who we are nice to and who we might shut out. Take a second to pause in your day.  Take a breath to relax and enjoy what you have.  Share the pleasure of life.  Try not to be grumpy and short.  I have found that there is �Nothing More Powerful� than just being �Thankful� for what you have.  There is always someone not quite as well off.  Give words of encouragement.  Show everyone you really do care, and it does make a difference.  Your travels will be pleasant, and your life even better.



John Sutton

Worshipful Master





   If you haven�t yet heard, I took a little tumble and will be laid up for a few months. I do plan on making the stated meetings and all other events that I can, given my little handicap.

   It looks like the planning meetings for the �New South Snohomish Co Masonic Center� are back on track and there will be an update at the next Stated. We are also moving forward on putting together a �Bikes for Books� program in the near future as well. The hope is that we can start the first program in an Elementary school in the Fall. More to come on this of course.

    Bro. Ed Kellison reported that we are all set to have a �Golf� day on Aug. 11th in Mt. Vernon at Raspberry Ridge with our sister lodge Dunbar. This will be a great opportunity for fellowship whether you�re a golfer or not. Put this on your calendars and I hope to be out of the cast and walking by then, not that that will help my golf game.

   Last of all, I�m working on a salmon fishing trip sometime around the end of July. If you were with us a couple of years ago, you will remember that we had a great time and fishing was good!

Be well my brothers and I�ll see you soon.



Steven Wandel

Senior Warden



From the Editor:


   You may note that at he top of this page is a phone number, 206-781-3375.  This is the new Robert Burns number, that anyone can use to leave a message that will reach the Lodge.  It will be checked frequently, and will enable us to get more timely reports about our Brothers, or prospective member, if there is anything interesting to report.  Please use it to send along any information that may be of interest to your Brothers, including the usual Sunshine Committee stuff, births, illnesses, etc.

   The Worshipful Master has recently informed me that the First Degree originally scheduled for the 20th of March will now be held on the 3rd of April, at our next stated meeting.  WB John expects to hold the business portion of the meeting to a minimum to accommodate this event.  We look forward to seeing you there.



Matt Appel


Other Notes:


Brethren, I am told we have duties to perform on 05/25/07. We have been given the assignment of manning the South bound Smokey Point rest stop from 9pm-4am.


Also the 2007 Monroe Fair CHIPS program Wed. 08/29/07 from 10am-10pm.


I�m not sure how we are going to do this, but I am looking for volunteers to donate a little time on each of these activities. Volunteer early as to get the best times for your schedule.


We are also looking for outside donations for CHIPS materials, so if you have any ideas or leads on such, please forward them to the CHIPS Coordinator Warren Schoeben, via your WM.




When.....................Last Friday of each month
Where....................'Oasis' at the Nile
Time.......................11:30 'Til ?

Bring a guest and enjoy.

Sunshine Committee

Help get the word out in case of illness, accident, or other important happenings by contacting:

Jim L. Hamlin (Sr.) at 206-781-3375

e-mail:hamlinj03@aol.com or sunshinecommittee@robertburns243.org


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