Worshipful Master
WB Steve Wandel

WB James Larson


Robert Burns #243 Trestleboard

 April 2008



Master's Jewel      From the East



This month we gave away our first two bikes at Discovery Elementary School. It was a great experience and feeling, seeing the two young children running up to receive their bikes. We also gave each child a helmet and a bike lock. Four Brethren and myself were present at the assembly and I think we all agreed that this is a great program and that in the future we should attempt to expand the program to more schools. I�m telling you, the children were very excited and appreciative of the Bikes for Books program; it is truly money well spent. Check out the Robert Burns website (www.robertburns243.org) for all the details.  There is a whole section on the Bikes for Books program (including photos). I hope that in June when we give the next two bikes away that more of you can attend.

Don't forget that our next stated meeting will be Past Masters appreciation night and I�m planning a special program and hope all of you can make it. Our Senior Steward is planning a very special dinner as well.

Lastly, the planned breakfast gathering had to be cancelled for April and I�m hoping to put together sometime in May to make up for it�.

The Lodge Proficiency questions from the last meeting got overlooked, so we will review them at our next meeting rather then having a new set this issue.

Thanks to all for their continuing support, it is really appreciated!


Steven Wandel

Worshipful Master

Master's Jewel      From the South


The DeMolay Convention was a great success, with around 140 DeMolay in attendance.  T. H. Little had six young men there; the parents of our newest member and three advisors.  I must be getting used to the noise, I got more sleep this year than at previous conventions.

The final night the outgoing Master Councilor made his entrance on a motor cycle.  That surprised us but probably made a bigger impression on the group in the next room having a photography convention.

After a couple of ballots, neither of the two candidates for State Junior Councilor could get the number of votes required to win the election.   The first vote favored one the next the other.  These fine young men left the room and arrived a a solution so that on the last vote, by a margin of one, Michael Sawyer was declared the winner.

From T. H. Little we had two appointed to state offices; Grady Carlton was appointed Aide to the Master Councilor and Josh Hamlin to State Junior Steward.  Grady was also elected as Northwest Region Rep. Congratulations, Grady & Josh.

During the opening session Thursday, leaders from concordant and appendant bodies greeted the group and, as always, had wise and encouraging words.  I was impressed by the years of work put in by these leaders and am appreciative of the dedication they have shown for the Fraternity.  Freemasonry has many titles for these leaders (one of these days I will learn them) but looking around the room, the title I am most appreciative of is Mom & Dad.  The advisors for our youth groups are those who are shaping the future of our Fraternity and helping mold the future leaders of this county.

We have heard from Grand Lodge that we need to be making long range plans for our Lodge.  To many this means five years or less. The effort we put into our youth groups addresses our longer range plans, a decade or more.

In our Lodge we have many who have for years given countless hours to help the Jobies, Rainbow and DeMolay.  Most are still at it.  Take a minute and thank these Brothers.

Also remember to talk to relatives, friends and neighbors about joining one of our three excellent youth groups.


Jim Hamlin

Junior Warden




Masonic Trivia:

On June 7, 1921, Mystic Lodge #21 of Red Bank, New Jersey conferred half of the Master Mason Degree on Bro. Lyman C. Van when the power went out. He didn't receive the rest of the degree for several weeks, making him for a time a "two and half degree" Mason!





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Bring a guest and enjoy!


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