Worshipful Master
WB Steve Wandel

WB James Larson


Robert Burns #243 Trestleboard

 November 2008



Master's Jewel      From the East



This will be my last response to the Lodge as Master of Robert Burns and I have to say that this year has gone by so fast.  I want to thank every one of the members for their support and assistance over the last year.  I think that we have had another outstanding year of Lodge work and fellowship.  I know that it�s been a great learning experience for me and has truly made me a �better man.�  I feel that I have accomplished almost everything that I had set out to do, and I hope that when you look back at this last year you can smile and say that we did well as a Lodge.  We brought a lot of new members into the Lodge this year and did a lot of outstanding degree work.  We could not have accomplished that without coming together as a group and devoting a lot of extra time to the Fraternity.  I want to again thank you for that devotion to the fraternity and this Lodge.

The �Bikes for Books� program got off the ground and is going well in Discovery Elementary School.  This is a great program and well received by the school.  The support of the Principal and the staff at the school has been outstanding and I hope that Robert Burns continues its support in the future and consider the possibility of expanding the program to other schools as well.

I�m looking forward to seeing what great things can be accomplished over the next few years.  With the continued support of the membership, Robert Burns will continue to grow and get better.

Finally, I have left the membership with one last item to ponder.  I have asked the members to consider moving where we meet to the Edmonds Masonic Temple in downtown Edmonds.  I don�t ask this question lightly, but I feel that it is time to take a serious look at this issue.  Each and every one of you should have gotten the letter by now proposing a change to the by-laws, and I ask that you weigh the issue carefully and then let your thoughts be known by being at the next stated meeting on December 2nd, where we will take the final vote.  If for some reason you can�t make the meeting, please return the letter with your personal decision in this matter.  All comments and votes received will be made known to the members in attendance before any vote is taken.  It is important that we all take part in this decision!

Again, thank you one and all for making my year a great one�..

Do good unto all!


Steven Wandel

Worshipful Master



Master's Jewel      From the South


Remember to visit other Lodges and our youth group's meetings.  It is interesting to see the work of other Lodges and our Masonic youth appreciate the attendance of Masons.
At the next stated meeting of Robert Burns we will have a draft of proposed changes to our scholarship program.  See you then.



Jim Hamlin

Junior Warden






What: . . . . . . . . . . .Lunch

When . . . . . . . . . . .Last Friday of each Month

Where . . . . . . . . . . 'Oasis' at the Nile

Time . . . . . . . . . . . 11:30 'Til ?

Bring a guest and enjoy!


Sunshine Committee


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"I don�t know whither we are drifting, but I do know where every real thinking patriot will stand in the end, and that�s by the Constitution."

 William Howard Taft, 1910



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