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March, 2010



Master's Jewel      From the East


First wages need to be paid to our Senior Warden, Matt Appel, for taking first place is the District 8, Senior Warden�s ritual competition. He will represent our District in the state-wide competition in early April. Congratulations Matt!

As a young man, graduating from high school I felt as many do, that my generation would change the world.  The change would be dramatic and everything would be better.  Well, 40 plus years later, the world has changed; some things are better, some are worse.  My generation contributed to both as does each generation.  Bottom line, I think this is a better place to live than is was 40 years ago.

In the late �60s we encounter a great deal of resistance to the changes we felt were needed.  I guess one of the great constants in the universe is that proponents of change will always meet resistance.

An object in motion tends to stay in motion until acted on by an outside force.  This paraphrase of one of the laws of physics can be applied to people and organizations.  We avoid change until something influences us to change.

Freemasonry has been one of those influences.  I need not list all our principles that were used to help formulate this country.  This is just one example of how our tenets promote change for the better.  The lessons we can learn in Lodge influence us to be better men.  By being better men, we can make positive changes in our families and communities.  We will meet resistance because that is the nature of nature.

But just because we are members of the oldest Fraternity, one that exists only to make good men better, does not mean we should not embrace changes that will make the Fraternity better.  An example perhaps is the recognition of Prince Hall Lodges.  For many years these Bothers were not recognized as Masons in many Grand Lodge jurisdictions.  I believe some still have not extended this recognition.

In order for any organization to grow it must be willing to change. While our tenets, rituals and some of our practices should never change, our Lodge should avoid rejecting change just because it may be different than what has gone on before.  The book Who Moved My Cheese helps drive home the concept of accepting change.


Jim Hamlin

Worshipful Master


Master's Jewel      From the West




I think I have said this to several of you, and still it's true, I can see the 4th of December, 2010 coming at me like an oncoming train in a tunnel.  The work required to have a successful year in the East is formidable.  I hope that I can have a year that is as successful as some in recent memory. 

I hope that all of you are invested in the Future of Robert Burns, and that you each have ideas of what can be done to improve our lodge.  I am more than willing to hear any input you may have.  This also applies to the upcoming meeting of the Long Range Planning Committee, at 7PM on 15 April.  I hope that we will have more Brothers there to submit ideas, and that if you cannot make it you will forward your ideas on with someone else.


Matt Appel

Senior Warden


Master's Jewel      From the South


I have just returned from the wardens conference and I feel overwhelmed by all the information I have received.  It is quite a lot of work piled into about a 36 hour window.  It was wonderful meeting new brothers and learning ideas about the approach to the East.  The one thing that stuck out most to me is that when a Brother comes to a meeting he should leave that meeting happier then when he came.  The idea is that, we need to have FUN!  I thought this was the greatest advice and the best way to increase membership and get the brothers back to are lodge who haven't been there for awhile.  This is something I am going to be figuring out on ideas for us to do and create this atmosphere that I feel is ideal for all of Masonry.
Also one other key event that happened this month is that we were finally able to have a Long Range Planning meeting.  Their were several great ideas that we have come up with as far as our future goes.  This still I feel needs more peoples' input though.  So I still encourage all off you to give suggestions as to where you would like to see the lodge advance too. 



Mark Goldberg

Junior Warden






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Gene Autry, August 1947




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