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March, 2011





Master's Jewel      From the East


Our 5 April meeting I have designated "Get Your Can to Lodge Night."  As usual, Dinner will be at 6:30, with the meeting opening at 7:30 in the South Lodge Room of the Everett Masonic Center, 234 Olympic Blvd., Everett.  My intent with this double-meaning title (I actually stole the title from an issue of the Scottish Rite magazine; I don't know if I am following its original meaning, but I am hoping that they won't mind) is twofold.  First, I would like anyone who comes to our meeting to please bring some canned goods, which I will bring to the Lynnwood Food Bank.  Bring one can that has been sitting in your cupboard long enough that you know you won't use it, or go to Costco and buy a gigantic case of huge cans of kidney beans, it matters not to me, but I would like each Brother to contribute to our support of the people in our area who are in need of a simple meal.


The second meaning is a bit more crass, at least as far as the meaning of the word "can" goes.  I ask that you Brothers who have not been to Lodge in a while to attend the meeting.  If you are in the South Snohomish County area, I would ask you to come to the EMC and spend time with your Brothers in Robert Burns #243.  If you have moved away from the area of your home Lodge and are not able to attend, contact your local Lodge and pay them a visit.  They may not meet on the 5th, and you may not be a member, but I am sure they would be happy to see a Brother, even--no, especially--a "rusty Mason" who had not been to Lodge in some time.  We are all Brothers, and you will be welcomed, I am certain.


At our meeting that night, we will be doing the usual business, including balloting on the petition of a possible new Brother, and we will have a Masonic Education presentation by WB John Hart, a Past Master of Robert Burns.  I will do my best to keep the meeting short so we can spend as much time in fellowship as possible.  I would only ask if you are not a frequent attendee of our meetings who intends to eat with us that evening that you RSVP to me at worshipfulmaster@robertburns243.org, so we can be sure to have enough dinners available.  As I have both heard and said before, the Fraternity is what we make it, and without us it will cease to exist.  We are the fraternity. 


At our typical stated meeting, we have 20-25 Brothers attend.  That is about 20% of our membership.  I have read that in a typical organization like ours we can expect a participation rate of 10%, so we are already ahead of the norm.  That said, what makes our Fraternity and our Lodge special is the men that make it up.  Your Lodge is involved in a number of activities, from the Bikes-for-Books program that gives students in three high free and reduced lunch schools in the Mukilteo School District (Discovery, Odyssey, and Olivia Park elementary schools) an added incentive to read and a chance to win a bicycle.  We recently had a priest from the Archdiocese of Seattle speak about Freemasonry and Canon Law.  We are involved in supporting our district in manning a booth a the Monroe Fair.  We help man a CHIPS booth at the Festival of the River.  I am certain I am forgetting other activities.


Your Lodge is a living entity, but it can be better if you participate.  Just as people wonder what would happen if man could use more than 10% of his brain, I wonder what would happen if we increased the involvement of our Brothers in our Lodge.  More frequent events?  More fun events?  Add another school to B-for-B?  A discussion group for Masonic books?  A group dedicated to the analysis of the metaphysical side of Masonry?  A cadre of volunteers for Habitat for Humanity or the Lynnwood Food Bank?  An improvement in our ritual and degree work?  Perhaps we could develop in a whole new direction that I could not anticipate.  The point is that we will never know if you do not step forward and participate. 


Perhaps I get a bit carried away.  I am not asking for you to form a committee and take on a forty hour a week job.  I am asking you to come to one meeting.  On April 5th spend a couple of hours with your Brothers.  Please bring a can of food and come see what your Lodge is up to.


On a sad note, I also must announce the recent passing of WB Duane Holte, Master of Robert Burns #243 in 1964.  The arrangements for his memorial service have not yet been set.  When they are, I will ensure they are posted on the website and sent via e-mail.  If you require further details, please contact the Lodge phone listed below or email me at worshipfulmaster@robertburns243.org



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"Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads and empty hearts can do that." 

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