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April, 2012





Master's Jewel      From the East


Hello there Brothers of Robert Burns.  It has been an incredibly busy month and I am beginning to understand how much extra work there is being WM that is not told to you.  I guess if you knew what you were getting into you might reconsider taking on the responsibility of being Master of a Lodge.


First subject I will address is that I have received great news for are fundraiser/charity event this morning.  RWB Dean Heinemann, who will be MWGM, will be attending are event.  This is great news for Robert Burns to have him in attendance.  I am hoping we will have a lot of support in putting together this event and would appreciate everyones help in putting together what should be a very successful night.   The event will take place October 26th at 5:30 pm. So please mark your calendars and try and attend if at all possible.


Next is the possible buy in to Edmonds Masonic Center.  We have begun talking with their board about different options for us and certain parameters which we would like to see before moving forward.  They are very willing to and open to all of the conditions which we have set forth and seem to be welcoming us with open arms.  They want us to be a part a what is hoped to become a legacy between for the next hundred years or more.  More details will come later.


Third is the upcoming degrees we have going on.  First of these is two EA degrees coming up on April 17th.  Brother Josh Hamlin will be conferring his first degree, please come out and support him and welcome in two of are new Brothers.  Also on May 5th we are doing two courtesy MM degree's for Greenlake Lodge.  This will take place at The Nile Shrine Center and it begins at 1:30.  This will give us some more practice for the open air degree which is on August 4th at the Granite Falls Park.  There are still roles that need filling and I need to have a set list if you wish to participate is this opportunity.


And last I would like to address an issue that has come up.  Are SW has had to step down from his office due to other requirements.  It is something he was unable to control but his work has interfered with him fulfilling his obligations.  As we all know family and work come first and he is doing the right thing.  I know after having several conversations with him that it was hard for him to come to this decision, as he loves the Fraternity and the Lodge but he must take care of his family.  He will still help us out as much as possible with are events and is hopeful to rejoin us as soon as possible.


That is all from the East.  Take care my Brothers and be well.  Keep are sick and distressed in your prayers so they may have a speedy recovery.



WB Mark Goldberg

Worshipful Master





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