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WB Mark Goldberg

WB James Larson


Robert Burns as Deputy MasterRobert Burns #243 Trestleboard


January, 2012





Master's Jewel      From the East


It is quite an honor to hold this position in are Lodge.  There are several exciting things going on this year that I hope all of you will be a part of.  I have planned several events starting in February with the 2nd annual Silvertips game which I will be collecting money for at our stated meeting in February.  I have some special guests coming to are March meeting that will entertain us for a while.  We are having a fundraiser/casino night in October.  The big event of my year though is that we are hosting the open air degree at the Granite Falls park which I am looking forward to and should be a lot of fun.

Also one very big decision we have coming up is joining Edmonds Lodge on a joint venture in the facility.  This is a big decision for us and I invite all members to join in a discussion that will be happening at are Lodge Officers Meeting on February 21st at 5:30 PM down at the Lodge.  I will have pizza and pop there for refreshment.  It will be followed by a 3rd degree for Brent Wandel, son of Steve and grandson of George.  We are hoping for a good turnout for this as well so come and join us.

I hope all of you have survived this crazy snowstorm we are having with little injury and I look forward to seeing more faces at are stated, new and old. 


WB Mark Goldberg

Worshipful Master





From the Editor:




I wanted to emphasize a point from WB Mark; on Sunday the 26th of February we will be going to see the Silvertips play in Everett.  Face-off is at 5:05 PM.  Tickets are $10 each.  WB Mark has agreed to collect the names and money from those who wish to attend at the February meeting, as I will not be at that meeting, and must pay the Ticket Office and give them final numbers before the event.  If you wish to attend, but will not be at the 7 February meeting, please contact me before the 10th.  I hope you can attend.



WB Matt Appel



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"In recognizing the humanity of our fellow beings, we pay ourselves the highest tribute.

Thurgood Marshall




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