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March, 2012





Master's Jewel      From the East


For those who were able to attend are stated in March, I hope you enjoyed the Nile Oriental Band's performance.  They are a bit of a shock to most people the first time you see them play, as most of the audience had their jaw on the floor.   It is a great group of guys that like to have a lot of fun.  We are one of the biggest fundraising units for the Nile and the Shriners Hospitals, which I think is one of my favorite things I have done with my Mason career.  If you are not a Shriner you should look into it as it is one of the greatest causes I know of in Masonry.  They meet every Tuesday at the Nile so if you are interested please let me know if you would like to come and visit.

I am gearing up for the Open Air Degree in Granite Falls.  I need to have a set list for who would like to be a part of the degree.  If you are interested please contact me and let me know what part you would like to do.  I am also planning on getting in some practice in April and May for the third degree.  We are going to help out Greenlake lodge and possibly Genesis, although I have not talked to them yet; I will tomorrow at their stated.  It is tentatively scheduled for the first Saturday of May.  I will be discussing this more at the LOM.  I truly want to have a lot of fun with the degree and have it down good.

I am working out a guest speaker to come in and give us some Masonic education at an upcoming meeting, hopefully before we go dark.  I'm not sure if you know Richard Kovack, but he has done some amazing performances in the past as Jacques DeMolay and Caesar.  He is working on a new character and it should be an incredible performance.  It is a very significant character in Masonry that will be spectacular.

That is all from the East.  I hope you are safe and well and look forward to seeing you all soon.  Keep our sick Brothers in your prayers so they may have a speedy recovery and be back soon.


WB Mark Goldberg

Worshipful Master


Master's Jewel      From the South


As I�m writing this it is March the 18th, which is the 93rd anniversary of the International Order of DeMolay.  I had the pleasure of spending the day with the Legion of Honor, of which my father, WB Jim Hamlin, just joined their ranks. Among their ranks are many prominent Masons. And I am again reminded of the connection between the two organizations. Members of the youth groups are our future members and I enjoin all the members of Robert Burns to get involved with their groups. This in turn will help our membership grow and we all benefit from that! 

On the topic of membership, I�ll remind all the Brothers reading this that we do have a few degrees coming up at which I hope to see all of you.  In addition to bringing in new members, we should all attempt to reach out to our wayward Brothers to bring them back to Lodge.  A filled sideline makes meetings more exciting and fulfilling. Let�s all do our part to make Robert Burns an even greater Lodge than it already is. 


Bro. Josh Hamlin

Junior Warden




From the Editor:




At the officer meeting on 20 March, a number of topics were discussed.  We went over several small steps that we can take to continue to move the Lodge in a positive direction.  One of them is simply for us to reach out to Brothers we have not seen in some time.  I encourage each of you to contact 1 other Brother you have not seen.  Call your coach, or a Brother you coached.  Call a friend you have not seen in some time.  Heck, call me or the WM.  There is no need to feel anxious about knowing the pass or not knowing the names of the Brothers on the sidelines by heart; you will be welcome in lodge, whatever the circumstance.  If you need a ride to an upcoming meeting, call the Lodge phone number and leave a message.  The number is: 206- 781-3375.  Or send an e-mail to one of the Brothers listed in this Trestleboard.  We would love to see you.  Make a call.




WB Matt Appel





Sunshine Committee


Help get the word out in case of illness, accident, or other important happenings by contacting us at:


206-781-3375 or sunshine@robertburns243.org




�Brother, I acknowledge you.
Brother, I trust you.
Brother, you can rely on me.
Brother, I honour your dignity.
Brother, I respect your opinion.
Brother, I rejoice in your success.
Brother, I am happy at your happiness.
Brother, I feel your pain.
Brother, I understand your need.
Brother, I support your hand.
Brother, the world needs you.
Brother, I need you.
Brother, even if I have nothing to give you, I call you �Brother�.�


Rabbi Dr. Raymond Apple




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