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WB Mark Goldberg

WB James Larson


Robert Burns as Deputy MasterRobert Burns #243 Trestleboard


May, 2012





Master's Jewel      From the East


Hello again Brothers.  The year is flying by so fast; I can't believe it's already May.  We will have our June stated meeting then be going dark and I don't know where the time has gone.  The weather has changed and now it is warm and sunny which creates more opportunities to do things outside.  I will send out notices throughout the summer if people are interested in some camping, fishing, golfing or whatever else comes up.  Although it seems like the summer, when we are dark it is busier then the rest of the year.  I am very excited about the events coming up for the rest of the year.  Please check the calendar for all of are upcoming events.


Don't forget that are June's stated is Hawaiian shirt night, so dress is casual.  There will be a lot to discuss at the stated so try and attend if possible.  Items for discussion will be are treasury report, the open air degree in August and our buy in to the Edmonds building.


We will begin more practices for the MM degree and set out a schedule for that as well so put on a great performance.  Hope all the Brothers and their families are doing well and I will talk to you soon.



WB Mark Goldberg

Worshipful Master



Master's Jewel      From the South


I�ve been wanting to write about this for a while now as I feel it is something that is exemplified by our lodge. And the subject is the Cabletow. (I found out while writing and doing research about it that it isn�t a recognized word in the English dictionary!) 

As I�ve progressed through the chairs I�ve seen just how hard many of the brothers work for the betterment of our lodge and Masonry in general. And it impresses me. We are taught that Masons should do work if within the length of their Cabletow, and it seems the length of Robert Burn�s member�s Cabletows are long indeed. Only through working together our we able to continue to strengthen our Lodge and make it better. And I want to thank all the members for their previous and continued efforts for Masonry. And as someone who has called on more than a few of you for help and advise I want to personally thank you all. 


Bro. Josh Hamlin

Junior Warden





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�If you are going through Hell, keep going.�


 -Winston Churchill




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