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WB Mark Goldberg

WB James Larson


Robert Burns as Deputy MasterRobert Burns #243 Trestleboard


November, 2012





Master's Jewel      From the East


As I finished up my last meeting as Master of the Lodge, I begin to reflect on my year and wonder if there was something more I could have done.  I was truly blessed to have so much help throughout the year from so many of you and I want to thank the Brothers for their support.  The memories from the last year will never be forgotten.  I had a wonderful time serving as Master of the Lodge.  The open air degree was so much fun and I'm glad we pulled it off so well.  I look forward to are future and helping out as much as possible to continue the growth of Robert Burns Lodge.  Over the year I feel I have created a stronger Brotherhood with several of you and I think that is what I will treasure the most from this past year.  Thanks again everyone.



WB Mark Goldberg

Worshipful Master


Master's Jewel      From the South


Greetings from the South Brothers.  It has been an interesting year for me.  Being a Warden has been a hard but rewarding experience, and I�m eager to continue the journey to the West.  As this is my last Trestleboard entry from the South, I would like to remind everyone to continue doing work by the plumb.  As the Holidays approach it gives us all opportunities to help out others who may be less fortunate.  I hope you all have a great holiday and keep Masonry in mind as we approach our installation and begin a new year.  It gives us opportunities to improve our Lodge, do more Degrees, and share more Brotherhood. 


Bro. Josh Hamlin

Junior Warden



                                                         From the Editor


I am honored that the Brothers of Robert Burns have chosen me to serve as Master for 2012-2013.  I hope to have a successful year, and that we can advance Masonry and our Lodge through our actions and words over the coming year.

I am going to try to have more events this year that will involve our family and friends, and build our ties to one another.  To that end, please check out our website schedule of upcoming events often, at: http://robertburns243.org/soe.htm 

Some of our upcoming family and friends events include: 1) Most likely, on Friday, 25 January we will have a dinner at the Edmonds Masonic Center for us and our friends and family.  Nothing too involved, just an opportunity to get together and have dinner.  2) On Sunday, February 10th at 5:05 the Lodge will go to our annual Everett Silvertips game.  3) On Saturday, March 9th, Bro. Brent Wandel has reserved some lanes at Glacier Lanes for a bowling night.  4) WB Steve Wandel is organizing a fishing trip for this summer, along the lines of the trip Bro. Ed Kellison organized to Westport.  5) I am considering having a movie event at the Edmonds Theater where we would show The Man Who Would Be King or National Treasure or another movie with Masonic themes/characters.  There is also talk of doing a Table Lodge in June, around the feast of St. John.  There will be more later in the year. 

Please note the included by-laws changes.  They were presented in the Lodge at the last stated meeting, and will be voted on at the 4 December stated meeting.  There are two material changes.  1)  Currently the by-laws state that our stated meetings are to be held on the 1st Tuesday, or the 4th Tuesday if the 1st is a holiday.  Unfortunately, this will be the case in January, but the building is not currently available that night.  We are thusly trying to change the by-laws to the 3rd Tuesday in the event of a federal holiday, a date we have reserved already, to ensure we do not run into this problem again in the future.  2)  Currently, the WM has the ability to give a distressed indigent Brother the sum of $25 in case of emergency without the consent of the Lodge.  As this is less than enough for a half-tank of gas these days, it has been proposed that we increase this amount.  The proposal read at the last meeting is to increase the amount to three times the amount of the dues, or under the current dues schedule, $240.  There are also a couple of small changes in wording in other areas, to make our by-laws coincide with the Grand Lodge form.  The by-laws can be seen here.

We still are without a Senior or Junior Steward for next year.  If anyone is interested, please let me know.  As of now, we are going to have a sign-up sheet, managed by the Junior Warden, where any brother may volunteer to take dinner (for a stated, 1st Tuesday meeting), or a dessert (for a special, 3rd Tuesday meeting) to a meeting.  If we have no volunteer on a given night, we will simply have no dinner.  If meal preparation is what you were dreading and this was keeping you from being a Steward, let me know, and you could serve as Steward for ceremonial purposes, and we could keep the list for meals.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks, and I am sure the thanks of the Lodge, to WB John Friesen for his years of service as Treasurer.  He has chosen to step aside, as he feels his health problems will make it difficult for him to fulfill his duties.  We would also like to thank WB Bob Wallinger for stepping in as Treasurer for next year.


WB Matthew Appel



Sunshine Committee


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206-781-3375 or sunshine@robertburns243.org




�But deep this truth impress'd my mind:
Thro' all His works abroad,
The heart benevolent and kind
The most resembles God.�


 -Robert Burns




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