Worshipful Master:  WB John Hart

Secretary:  WB Matthew Appel


Robert Burns as Deputy MasterRobert Burns #243 Trestleboard


March, 2015







At the March stated meeting, the Senior Warden proposed a change to the Lodge by-laws, to move our meeting night from the first Tuesday of the month to the third Tuesday of the month. This Trestleboard will constitute your notification in accordance with section 14.03(B) of the Washington Masonic Code. A vote on the proposed change will be held at our April stated meeting, on the 7th. A 2/3 majority of votes cast by Master Masons present at the meeting will be necessary for the change to pass. The text of the proposed change is as follows:




Article II    Communications

Section 1. The Stated Communications of this Lodge shall be held on the 1st Tuesday of each month except July & August at the hour of 7:30 p.m. If the Stated Communication falls on a federal holiday, then the Stated Communication will be held on the 3rd Tuesday.




Article II    Communications

Section 1. The Stated Communications of this Lodge shall be held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month except July and August at the hour of 7:30 p.m. If the Stated Communication falls on a federal holiday, then the Stated Communication will be held on the 1st Tuesday



His reason for the proposed change is: 


Currently all other lodges in our District meet on different nights, except Robert Burns and Shoreline Lodges. (Shoreline is unable to change their Stated Communication due to conflicts in their facility.) The proposed change of our Stated Communication from 1st Tuesday to 3rd Tuesday allows visitations to ALL lodges in District 2 without meeting night conflicts. We know of no conflicts with other concordant bodies. This change will be voted on in our April Stated Communication.


Brothers, I encourage you to attend our April meeting to consider this important issue, and vote for the good of your Lodge.



WB Matt Appel




Brother interview: Bro. Mike Lillie Our newest Entered Apprentice Brother, Kenneth Michael Lillie is a native Washingtonian, born in Seattle, living most of his life in Mukilteo and attending Mariner High School in Everett. Mike and his bride, Rachael are newlyweds. Mike has 2 daughters and a new grandson. Mike and Rachael are care givers and run an Adult Family Home with 6 permanent residents.


Mike has been examining Masonry for a few years. He has known brethren in the Craft and admired them, prompting him to seek his own membership. Membership is one of Mike’s concerns for the Lodge.


Mike and Rachael enjoy traveling (when their limited ‘free time’ permits) and are “rabid” sports fans. (We didn’t see any foaming at the mouth but will take his word.) Rachael loves karaoke but Mike says he just watches her. Mike and Rachael, welcome to our Masonic family.


Another Brother Interview: In January, we focused on our Worshipful Master, John Hart. John was born at Ft Dix, New Jersey, spending the next 14 years traveling with his family, finally settling in Washington 20+ years ago. John graduated from Cocoa Beach Community College with electrical/HVAC accreditation. He has been employed as an industrial maintenance electrician and is currently working as an industrial maintenance electrician at a plastic manufacturing facility. “If it’s broken, I fix it.”


 This is WB John’s second time as Master, as he held the office first in 2009 when we met at the Everett Masonic center. He initially became interested in Masonry when he asked his neighbor (William Isabelle) about the pin he was wearing. Jon assumed it was a Union pin, as William was a carpenter. John also learned his other neighbor (John Sutton) was a Mason as well. After discussions, questions and answers, John joined Robert Burns and was raised on June 22nd (his birthday) 2004.


John has been married to his lovely bride, Jolene, for 15 years. They have 1 daughter, Sarah. Away from Lodge John is an outdoor guy, enjoying hunting, scuba diving, sky diving, and camping. He admits to an occasional poker game where a cigar or two may appear.


John would like the lodge to have much more community involvement, emphasizing newer members contributing to obtain a better focus on our community. Also he hopes for better member participation, initiating the Sweethearts’ Night Out in February, a camping get together this summer and a possible fishing trip.


Trivia:  The Masonic (Square and Compasses) ring is not an official item of Masonic Jewelry.  General consensus seems to be that if the wearer wishes to advise others that he is a Master Mason, then he should wear the ring with the Compasses points toward the fingertips.  If the ring is worn to remind the wearer that he is a Master Mason, then he should wear it with the compasses points toward the wrist. 

The earliest known appearance of the letter "G" inside the interlaced square and compasses is on a photo of an etching in "Freemasonry A Journey Through Ritual and Symbol" by Kirk MacNulty.  The date shown on the etching is "5776" which we Masons know to be 1776 in standard dating form. Another very early appearance is on a cast bronze plate made by Paul Revere in 1796.  By the year 1800 the combined symbol had appeared in England on embroidered aprons and upon a "Master's Tracing Board.  In the language of some countries, the letter "G" does not stand for either "God" or "Geometry" so it is not a part of their basic symbol of Freemasonry. 

Masonic Humor: A salesman walked into the post office in a small town and started to talk to the Post Master. In the course of their conversation the topic of Freemasonry came up. The man started to berate and criticize the Craft. He then asked the Post Master if he wanted hear a very funny joke about Masons. The Post Master told him that he was a Mason, as was the man standing in line behind the salesman, as were three of the mail carriers at the front desk. Now in the company of five Freemasons did the man still want to tell the joke to which the salesman replied, "Not if I have to explain it five times!”

Masonic Quiz: TWO Master Masons object to the admittance of a visitor and make their objection known to the Worshipful Master before the meeting. What can the WM do?  What must he do?  Site WMC Section.


Sunshine Committee


Help get the word out in case of illness, accident, or other important happenings by contacting us at: sunshine@robertburns243.org




Many writers and thinkers have tried to define Freemasonry but it really defeats definition. It is too complex, too profound in conception, to easily expressed in words. Perhaps the simplest and best definition of all is the phrase "the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God." Our Masonic forefathers had an understanding of human needs and human aspirations. They may never have dreamed of the mindless computer which governs our lives, or the fission of matter which threatens our lives, but they understood human nature and what motivates the spirit of man. Thus from a simple process of using stone and mortar for building they progressed to the most important of life's functions, the building of character.” 


 -Louis L. Willaims




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