Worshipful Master:  WB John Hart

Secretary:  WB Matthew Appel


Robert Burns as Deputy MasterRobert Burns #243 Trestleboard


November, 2015




Master's Jewel      From the West


Robert Burns is at a crossroads. We are recycling officers and cannot fill the chairs. Membership has declined and we have lost direction. Your input and ideas are vital to the future of Robert Burns. Your comments on this survey will give our core officers direction and input. Please take a moment to fill it out and send it back to us. Mail: Robert Burns 243, PO box 2001 Alderwood Station, Lynnwood, WA 98036   Email: Matthew Appel secretary@robertburns243.org ; or   Bob Nygren  seniorwarden@robertburns243.org

1.       What brings you to Lodge meetings?


2.       If you are not attending Lodge, why not ?


3.       When I first joined Robert Burns I thought of the Lodge identity primarily  as: (Ritual, Fellowship, Charity, etc)


4.       In meetings, I would like to see Robert Burns do:


5.       Outside of Lodge, I would like to see Robert Burns do:



7.        I am able and willing to help by:



8.        l will at least attend Lodge to see what is actually going on.



Masonic Trivia

When Brothers Richard E. Byrd and Bernt Balchen first flew over the North and South Poles, they dropped a Masonic flag on each Pole.  Then, in the 1933-35 expedition, Brother Balchen tossed his Shrine Fez on the North Pole.

 When the great Obelisk of Alexandria (Cleopatra’s Needle) was moved to New York in 1880, there were discovered certain emblems on the original foundation and pedestal. One is clearly a square, causing some to conclude that Masonry existed in ancient Egypt. This issue is still open to debate

The Masonic (Square and Compasses) ring is not an official item of Masonic Jewelry.  General consensus seems to be that if the wearer wishes to advise others that he is a Master Mason, then he should wear the ring with the Compasses points toward the fingertips.  If the ring is worn to remind the wearer that he is a Master Mason, then he should wear it with the compasses points toward the wrist.

Masonic Humor

A small Lodge had had a string of bad luck. It was preparing to initiate a candidate on a steamy evening in June and its air conditioner had stopped working. After sweating their way through part of the work, the Master had asked the candidate what he most desired. The candidate replied "a beer". At this juncture the WM., being startled, whispered "light" to the candidate. "OK," the candidate replied, "a lite beer."



Where in Prelude to Closing, is Secretary required to read the minutes? Where in the WMC is the Secretary required to read the minutes at the meeting?


Dates to keep open

Nov 17th Stated meeting ELECTIONS

Nov 26th Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Food Bank – Lynnwood Transit Center 6AM-10AM



VWB Bob Nygren

Senior Warden


Master's Jewel      From the Secretary's Table



This Thanksgiving, your Lodge will be helping the Lynnwood Food Bank by organizing a "Turkey Trot" 5k, where all of the proceeds will go to the Food Bank. I encourage anyone who is available to contact me at secretary@robertburns243.org to volunteer.


Also, please take some time to thoughtfully complete the survey that our Senior Warden has written above. We have gotten many responses from your Brothers, but we need everyone to help if we are to get Robert Burns moving in the right direction, and indeed to determine what that direction is. I have thought about this some myself, and it seems to me that there are three basic types of Lodges, those that primarily are focused on esoteric thought and philosophy, those that are mostly fellowship and fraternalism oriented, and those that are mostly working on charitable things. This is not to say that any Lodge is only one of those things, we are all a mix, but primarily they seem to fall into those categories. (Notably there are those who would argue that fraternalism and charity are natural extensions of the esoteric pursuit, but that is a topic for another day.) We as a Lodge need to determine what direction we wish to go, and make some decisions on how we intend to pursue that line. Please be a part of that process.


Finally, we have a number of Brothers and close members of our Masonic family going through some medical difficulties and other trials of life. While I do not think it is my place to publicize their issues, I would ask each of you to keep your Brothers and their families in your prayers, and if you know one who is in need, to work for their relief.



WB Matt Appel




Sunshine Committee


Help get the word out in case of illness, accident, or other important happenings by contacting us at: sunshine@robertburns243.org




Work and live to serve others. To leave this world a little better than you found it and garner for yourself as much peace of mind as you can, this is happiness.” 


 -David Sarnoff




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