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ROBERT BURNS Trestleboard, August 2006




            Well, the summer is quickly closing and the time draws near when we need to refocus our attention on our Masonic Labors.  Yes, it is time to get the out the calendar and start checking your schedule for activities.  I hope each of you have enjoyed your summer and are ready for work.

            Our first meeting of the fall will be September 5th.  Dress is casual and we will have hot dogs and beer (root) or other beverage before the meeting.  This will be step-up night for the officers of the lodge and they really want to demonstrate their skills, so come and support them.

            As announced in the May Trestleboard, we will take final input and bring a vote to the lodge on the dissolution of the existing Robert Burns Temple Board.  This is being done to comply with Grand Lodge requirements for standardization of all temple boards.  Since we no longer own a building, we do not technically qualify as a temple board.  If you have questions or concerns regarding this issue, it is imperative you be in attendance.

            We will also cove the Grand Lodge proceedings and discuss the status of resolutions put to a vote.

            Robert Burns is assigned to cover the Masonic booth at the Monroe fair on Aug. 30th, from 10 am-10 pm.  The major focus of the booth will be the CHIPS program (Childhood Identification Program). The program requires enough people to collect signed releases from the parent, do finger printing, DNA swabs, dental impressions and a video recorded conversation with each child.  All information is then compiled and given to the parent as a packet. This program has proven to be very popular with parents of younger children and is a great way to bring Masonry to the public in a very positive way. 

            To efficiently manage this process requires four or five people at all times. Brethren, we are in need of several more people during the 10-2 and 2-6 time frames on Aug. 30th. If you can help, please call me ASAP. 

            The weather for our scheduled camp-out and family picnic at the Masonic Park in Granite Falls on July 21 -23, was fantastic and those who attended had a great time.  If you weren�t one of those attending, I would highly recommend you be there next year.




Each month a question will be asked regarding some item found in the Washington Monitor.  See if you can answer correctly, then find where the topic is located in the Monitor and verify your answer.


Last Month�s Question:


How many �Immovable Jewels� are there in a Lodge?  What are they and what do they teach?


Answer� found on page 30.  A Lodge has three immovable jewels.  They are the Square, the Level and the Plumb.  The Square teaches morality; the Level equality and the Plumb rectitude of conduct.


This Month�s Question:


What is a Cowan?




August             30 � Robert Burns covers the CHIPS booth at Monroe Fair.


September       5 � Stated meeting:  6:30 hot dogs and beer, 7:30 meeting � step-up night, casual dress.

                        7 � Grand Master official visit Skykomish Lodge

            9 � SLOC district meeting, 8:00 AM Skykomish Lodge


October           3 � Stated meeting Past Masters night, Dinner 6:30, meeting 7:30.  Past Masters will preside.  Dinner will be BBQ salmon and trimmings.

                        13 � Grand Masters official visit Everett Lodge 7:30

                        14 � SLOC district meeting, 8:00 am Damascus lodge, Granite Falls.