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ROBERT BURNS Trestleboard, October 2006




    October�s stated meeting was dedicated to honoring Past Masters of Robert Burns Lodge. An outstanding salmon dinner was prepared by Bro. Steve Wandel, Jr. Warden; and Bro. Mark Goldberg, Jr. Steward.  We were honored to have WB L. D. Holte, WB James Larson and WB Dennis Lane open lodge from the East, West and South respectively.  These three WB�s are the most senior past masters of Robert Burns with the exception of WB Newman Conklin, who unfortunately was unable to attend.  The meeting was conducted with the regular officers in their stations and places and WB. Richard Kovack gave a presentation on the life of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great, which was well received by the lodge.  Past masters, WB�s Bob Wallinger, Ernie McCasland and Walt Moody closed lodge with the assistance of WB�s Bob Nygren, Charley Bash and John Blomberg. I want to thank all of the past masters for attending and taking part in opening and closing, it is always good to see them in lodge.  I also want to give a special thanks to Bro. Steve for providing salmon he personally caught and prepared.  It was excellent.

    While contacting the Past Masters of Robert Burns Lodge to personally invite each to the October meeting, I found that WB Newman Conklin, who was master in 1960, is not doing well and does not go out in the evening.  WB Don Heins, who was past master in 1988, is suffering from multiple health issues and does not leave the house at all. Cards were signed by those in attendance at the meeting and sent to each. I wish both of these past masters well.

    Balloting of elected officers for the year 2007 was held and the following brothers were elected:

Worshipful Master elect, Bro. John Sutton; Senior Warden, Bro. Steve Wandel; Junior Warden, Bro. John Hart; Treasurer, Bro. John Friesen; Secretary, WB James Larson.  Bro John Sutton announced that a public installation of officers will be held on Saturday, December 2nd at 2:00 PM in the North Lodge room of the Everett Masonic Center.  I�m sure Bro. Sutton will have more on this issue.

    Balloting was held and received in the affirmative on WB James Raymond for affiliation with Robert Burns.  Worshipful Brother Jim was originally raised in Robert Burns and later moved to the Granite Falls area. He is co-chair of the Grand Lodge Literacy Outreach committee and chairman of Scottish Rite Scholarship committee.  WB Jim, it is great to have you back with us.

    We recently were notified that another shipment of items for troops in Iraq was being assembled and made ready for shipment.   Tentative date for shipment is set for October 21, however, that date may be pushed out until the first of November if we have people that would still like to donate.  Remember, donations can take the form of either money to help with shipping or of personal items to be sent.  This is the third shipment made this year and all who have contributed should be proud of this endeavor.  Please contact the Worshipful Master if you have any questions

    Featured speaker for the November stated meeting will be WB Robert Benish, past master of Fredericksburg Lodge #4 in Fredericksburg Virginia.   He will be speaking on the history of George Washington and his lodge.  This should be a very interesting topic.  This is also the second official visit of VW Santy Lascano, deputy of the Grand Master in District #8.  We will have a dinner of chili and French bread starting at 6:30, with the stated meeting at 7:30.  Hope to see all the brethren that night.




Each Month a question will be asked regarding some item found in the Washington Monitor.  See if you can answer correctly, then find where it the topic is located in the Monitor and verify your answer.


Last Month�s Question:


How long did it take, according to Masonic teaching, to build the Temple of Solomon?


Answer: Page 68 of Washington Monitor: "the Temple of Solomon occupied seven years in it�s construction, during which time we are informed that it rained not in the daytime, that the workmen might not be obstructed in their labor."


This Month�s Question


What have you done personally to promote Masonry with-in your circle of friends?   


    Brethren, this question obviously is not in the Washington Monitor, but I ask each of you, have you talked to anyone about Masonry?  Since this is my last question of the year and we have not balloted on a new candidate this year, we need to reflect on this issue.  Without new members we will slowly die.  We had a great influx of new candidates who were eager to get involved, but the flow abruptly halted.  Remember the Grand Masters letter that states we can and should promote Masonry among men who are worthy and qualified to share the honor of being a Mason.  Get out there, �Walk the Talk� and get your friends and family members involved.


South County Masonic Building Report


    Several members of Robert Burns, including the elected officers, attended a joint planning session on October 17th to discuss the feasibility of developing a multi story building consisting of a mix of commercial rental space and  Masonic lodge facilities.  Preliminary building site plans have been drawn for the building based on property currently owned by Genesis Lodge, located next to I-5 at 220th.  .  This development would potentially be a combined effort of Yancey C. Blalock, Richmond � Haller Lake, Genesis and Robert Burns lodges.

  Information from previous meetings, including an estimate work sheet (see page 3) is currently posted in the links section of our web page.  Much discussion was centered around the listed expense items on the cost work sheet and expectations of leasing arrangements.

    Some pertinent items derived from the meeting are as follows

1.       An independent feasibility study has been conducted and proven to be viable.

2.       Costs listed on the page 3 work sheet are current costs supplied by a local contractor and are realistic.

3.       Leased floor space on two floors would be comprised of multiple tenants, rather than one large company to ensure a greater level of occupancy.  If one large company leases and then moves out, there would be a greater percentage of loss in revenue.

4.       Building management and leasing would be handled by a commercial management company.

5.       Temple Board would comprise of an equal number of representative from the member lodges.

    Issues still to resolve before moving forward:

1.       Preliminary show of interest has been made by the four lodges, however, each lodge will need to take a formal vote of members to make a firm commitment to the project.

2.       Final numbers for feasibility based on actual rental space available, cost of space per square foot, and building estimate, still need to be finalized.

3.       Initial contact with commercial loan institutions need to be made to see if they can make it work.

4.       Grand Lodge and G L finance committee will need to review plans and numbers. 

   While this project is still in the formative stage, and is a very complex issue with many questions still to be answered, we need to be open to the idea and if proven to be in the best interest of the lodge, to act accordingly. 

    The next meeting is scheduled for November 17th at 7:00 pm.  Please forward your concerns and questions to one of your elected officers or plan to attend the next meeting.  We want to be sure all issues are addressed before making any commitment.



WB Robert Wallinger




    In a world full of turmoil, mistrust and political controversy, I find it comforting to be involved in a Fraternity such as ours. A group of men that support the greater good, with the future in mind. The fellowship and support I find in every corner of our Fraternity is refreshing and does not go unnoticed. With the new year approaching our line officers are excited and proud. Each with a lot of great ideas and energy. Please come be a part of the action. We will all work together for a bright future.



John Sutton

Senior Warden



From active Masons, resolute,
Our wives and families we salute;
We surely know the price you pay,
Who sit alone while we're away;
No high degrees on you conferred,
In Lodge, your name is seldom heard;
you serve our cause though out of sight,
While sitting home alone tonight;
Masonic papers list our names,
Awards are given, fit to frame;
But yours is absent...you who strive,
To keep our fortitude alive;
You're part of every helpful deed,
On your encouragement we feed;
Without your blessings, how could we,
Continue acts of charity?
And so, this poem, we dedicate,
To every Master Mason's mate;
And offer our undying love,
Rewards await in heaven above.
Author Unknown
Brethren, don't forget to thank all those in our life that love and support us in all that we do...



Bro. Steven Wandel

Junior Warden


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