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ROBERT BURNS Trestleboard, September 2006




    Welcome back to labor again my brothers, our September stated meeting started with a gourmet hot dog dinner complete with homemade potato salad and trimmings and was enjoyed by 13 brothers.  This being our first meeting since Grand Lodge, there was much to accomplish. 

    As discussed at the June meeting, in order to conform with Grand Lodge requirements pertaining to standardized lodge temple boards, we needed to modify our financial holdings and dissolve the existing Robert Burns Temple Board Inc.  To accomplish this required an name change of our holdings in the Morgan Stanley account, give all members notification of changes made and publish an announcement 30 days prior to the lodge voting to dissolve the corporation.  All requirements were met and an affirmative vote was cast to dissolve the existing temple board.  Appropriate forms will now be filed with Grand Lodge and the State of Washington to complete this process.  Since we no longer hold physical property, we had on other option.  If our status changes in the future, we will simply establish new by-laws and reapply for articles of incorporation.

     A summary of Grand Lodge resolutions were read and Most Worshipful Brother Charles W. McQuery�s theme �walk-the-talk� was discussed.  His letter to all lodges explaining how Masons can approach prospective members about Masonry was read and will be published in this news letter by the secretary. 

    The First Annual Grand Master�s Challenge golf tournament was held at Ocean Shore prior to opening of Grand Lodge on June 8th.  Robert Burns lodge was represented by VWB Norm Watts, his wife Pat, Bro. Steve Wandel and myself.  I am proud to announce that somehow, whether from miscalculation by the officials or unknown bribery, we won the trophy which is currently on display at the lodge.  I wish to thank Steve and Pat, who carried most of the game and to VWB Norm who did lend some support to the win.  I, of course was the designated token player.

    Bikes for Books, is the new Grand Lodge program designed to work jointly with the existing Literacy Outreach program.  Both programs are designed to involve lodges with schools to promote and encourage young students to read.  Bikes for Books, hopes to accomplish this by offering incentives such as a bike raffle available to all students who reach a predetermined level of reading competency.  Our lodge currently sponsors a scholarship program to assist applicants of the Masonic youth groups, however I think we can and should expand our community involvement by participating in one of these programs.  I would appreciate any and all input as to which program fits and how to proceed.  This is an on-going long term program and needs the participation of all members. 

     I wish to thank the brothers of Robert Burns who supported the CHIPS (Childhood Identification) Masonic booth at the Evergreen Fair on August 30th.  We had 13 members assigned to work three shifts, from 10 am to 10 pm and all remarked how enthused the parents of young children were that the Masons would provide such a program.  I�m sure all the brothers enjoyed the experience as much as I have and encourage those who missed out this year to plan to participate next year.  It�s great fun.

    September stated meeting was designated step-up night for officers of the line.  It was obvious that each member wanted to do his very best and show the lodge they were well qualified.  I would like to offer my congratulations to all with a �Job Well Done�.  At the October stated, we will be voting for these new officers, so be sure to attend.

    The October stated meeting  will be Past Masters night.  It is my hope to involve the Past Masters in opening and closing lodge.  We will have a guest speaker and a great dinner.  Brother Steve Wandel has offered again this year, as he did last, to provide salmon he personally caught and will prepare on the BBQ.  If you love salmon, you won�t want to miss this dinner.  To assist in determining how much food is required, reservations are requested.  Please let Bro. Steve or myself know if you plan to dine with us.  There will be a nominal fee to help cover the cost of the meal.     

    Last but not least, I want to thank Bro.�s Matt Appel and Omar Baltuth for their effort in establishing a Robert Burns web site, robertburns243.org.  We are now an official domain, with links to and from the Grand Lodge web page.  Brother Matt has added links to Masonic information, a biography of Robert Burns, calendar of lodge and district events and the current as well as past Trestle-Boards.  If you have e-mail, all future Trestle-Board publications will be found on this site.  From now on you will receive an e-mail notice with a link to the web site in-order to get your copy.  Please check the calendar on a regular basis as updates will be added as they occur.  For all members who do not have e-mail, copies of the monthly publication will be sent as in the past.  However, you may not be apprised of recent or short term changes that occur between mailing.  I hope you find this site beneficial.  If you have suggestions of additional items or changes, Bro. Matt would like to hear from you at webmaster@robertburns243.org.




Each Month a question will be asked regarding some item found in the Washington Monitor.  See if you can answer correctly, then find where it the topic is located in the Monitor and verify your answer.


Last Month�s Question:


What is the meaning of Cowans?


Answer�found on page 183 under guide to pronunciation:

            Cowans� profanes, pretender, intruder, particularly those seeking to obtain the secrets of Masonry unlawfully.


This Month�s Question:


How long did it take, according to Masonic teaching, to build the Temple of Solomon?


From Robert Burns #243 web page.


Did you know that Robert Burns birth name was Robert Burness? This is how his father spelled it and Robert signed until 1786.  On 1 March 1786 he signed lodge documents using the name Robert Burns and was known by that name until death in 1796. 


Read more about the life of Robert Burns on our web page.



WB Robert Wallinger




    Well, summer is over and we�re back to our labors.  I was pleased to see that the Lodge was full (on one side at least) for our September meeting.  Step-up night went well with only a few miscues, mostly on my part.  The next three months are going to be busy ones leading up to our installation in December.

    Please plan on attending the October 3rd meeting, not only is it my birthday, but I�m planning a delightful salmon dinner.  Dinner will be served at 6:30pm and it will be Past Masters night.  If you are planning on attending, please RSVP juniorwarden@robertburns243.org with a quick e-mail so that I can insure that we have plenty of food on hand.  Also, We will be voting on next year�s officers that night.

    I would like to encourage everyone to get involved in one of the many projects that are being planned, like Bikes for Books, Outreach Program, and CHIPS. There will be more to come about these programs and more over the next few months. With teamwork we can do great things and promote our Masonic message. Let�s all �Walk the talk�.

    I look forward to seeing you all in October.



Bro. Steven Wandel

Junior Warden



I wonder if very many of our members realize that we have a 9/11 Survivor in Robert Burns Lodge?  Our bro. Dan (�Max�) Pelletier was at the World Trade Center Building on 9/11/01, and had just gone down to street level and stepped outside for a smoke when the planes began to hit the Towers.  I know that most of the brethren who are active now have heard his story.  It has definitely changed his life.  Max just appeared on TV & was interviewed by Molly Chen on Channel 4 on 9/11/06.  The interview covers his 9/11 experience & also his resulting major change of occupation.  Interestingly, he now is part owner of a tarot card business & travels worldwide.  He also shows some of the cards in the interview, which can be seen on the KOMO TV website. 


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